Saturday, April 28, 2012

Solar is Power!!

Narendra Modi shares his trait of being ambitious with all politicians, but is an exception in being extremely focused on his goals as well as shrewd enough to achieve these goals. He has not only managed to become a CM, but also is the sole leader in his home state. His goal of being the PM is not even a secret & could be a reality sooner or later, Nitish Kumar's opposition notwithstanding.

However, more this is delayed, his dream of being a future Secretary General of the UN risks being just a dream. Modi also realises this & has put together his Plan-B. He wants India to take the lead in creating an OPEC-type organisation for solar power. He is also leading the drive for increasing solar power generation in the state. 

Modi has already made Gujarat the Gas capital of India. But Modi has discovered that the fossil fuels would be all gone in less than 20-30 years

Thus, Modi wants India & other sunlight-rich countries to form an organisation on the lines of OPEC. If Modi's doomsday forecast turns out to be true, then this solar cartel would be in a position to manage the sunlight reaching the earth & replace OPEC as the prime influence on the global energy market. I am sure, if this plan takes concrete shape, it would be led by none other than the visionary Modi. 

This collective, code-named SEC-C for Solar Energy Cooperation Council, would call the shots in all matters related to the sun. With a leader as dynamic as Modi, India would be on its way to be a global power as the pioneer & leader of this collective. 

The draft manifesto of the body is:
  • Reduce the dependence on fossil fuels & move towards a sustainable future by effective control of nature, beginning with the Sun.
  • Estimate & categorise the countries according to the Gross Annual Sunlight (GAS) received. GAS would be a function of annual sunlight days, sunlight intensity, landmass occupied, etc.. Countries receiving 40% of the global GAS shall be invited to become SEC-C members. Countries having sun on their flags would become honorary members, while those having Moon on their flags would be barred from membership, irrespective of GAS they receive.
  • Each SEC-C country would have voting right proportionate to the GAS it receives. The annual GAS received by each country would be tracked closely.
  • Make GAS a tradeable commodity, that can be exchanged for other energy. Any country receiving more than its defined GAS, shall be liable to return the equivalent energy to the SEC-C nations in the form of other fuels or duly defined compensation mechanism.
  • Each country would be assigned targets to utilise GAS it receives by converting it into energy. Countries failing to do so can purchase credits from SEC-C members in an exchange. If SEC-C nations receive less sunlight in a year, they shall be compensated by the non-SEC-C nations for the same.
  • During a solar eclipse, a global mahayagna, presided over by the SEC-C leader, would be conducted to appease the sun & grant of additional GAS.
  • SEC-C shall stand for correcting historical wrongs. As a first step, Earth's axial tilt shall be corrected to enable a more equitable distribution of GAS. As a result, the unfair advantage of certain countries with respect to receipt of sunlight would be corrected.
  • The SEC-C officials would be free to travel to any place that receives sunlight & would not need any visa for doing so. A country denying such permission/visa to a SEC-C leader shall not be entitled to receive any sunlight till the permission is granted.
  • As befits its status, SEC-C decisions shall be assumed to be endorsed by all countries receiving sunlight. Any questions on about the methods, objectives, results or intentions of SEC-C shall be construed to be an attack on the respect of SEC-C member countries & strong action shall be taken against erring parties.

This is hush-hush at the moment as the initial contours of SEC-C are currently being sketched. Till it is officially announced, you may all practice the new global SEC-C anthem (first sung in the Karishma Kapoor starrer - Khuddar).

P.S.: The European Energy Review reports that "the world has plenty of oil". If this is true, then we need not worry about the longevity of fossil fuels & all this GAS would be nothing but hot air. This may not be bad news for the rest of us, but Modi's advisors & speech writers better watch out!

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