Friday, April 20, 2018

Mera Bharat Mahan

The new Tripura CM, Biplab Deb, is in the news. I haven’t gone through the news reports but only the headlines where he claims that the internet & satellites were already there in India during the good old days of Mahabharata. While many have been ridiculing him on these claims, I do not (despite he being a neta). Maybe (as I said, I haven’t read the reports) he has given enough justification for this but the media has been selective in highlighting only one point. Maybe he hasn’t put forth any evidence which could be because he had so many other things to talk about. Whatever be the case, I have always believed what he said but was not brave enough to put it forth publicly. Now that a person of his eminence has spoken thus, I feel confident of expressing myself freely. So, here I go…

It was in the late 90’s that we woke up to a world of connected computers. Which has now ensnared mobiles & other gadgets, the reason it was called the world wide web in the first place. If you get down to the basics, the computers work on the binary system, i.e. only 2 numerals (0 & 1) drive the entire computing operation. And everyone knows India invented the Zero. Having done so, the next logical step would have been invention of the computer. And once computers were there, could the internet be far behind? (India-1, Librandus-0)

If you look back in history, technology (and innovation) has been synonymous with economic advancement. While the industrial revolution brought prosperity to Europe, post-WW2 years have belonged to US for leading scientific & technological development. The last three decades have been powered by Silicon Valley allowing US to stay atop the global pecking order. China began its revival with copy-paste manufacturing, but has since caught up with the technology leaders (e.g. Alibaba). Even our most diehard anti nationals & presstitutes would agree that India was once known as the Golden Sparrow. A time when art, culture, trade, commerce & economy flourished. It would actually be a contradiction that advanced technology was absent in the India of those times. (India-2, Librandus -0)

The technology behind rockets that deliver satellites into space & the missiles that rain on Iraq & Syria is the same. Those of you who have watched the landmark teleserials, Ramayana & Mahabharata, would be aware that India of those times had the most amazing & diverse range of missiles. It is thus logical that our ancestors were in a position to send a communication device into outer space on a projectile? (India-3, Librandus -0)

Except for Zero, an envious western world has always denied India the rightful credit for a host of discoveries & inventions. Take the aircraft, for example. The world has been brainwashed to believe that the Wright brothers made the first successful manned flight, while Leonardo Da Vinci had the drawings ready for a helicopter concept. So, what about the Pushpak Vimana which carried Rama & family back to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravana? This is a well-documented fact but the disbelievers simply refuse to be convinced. Which is quite stupid, because these communists weren’t witness to the Wright brothers flying. (India-4, Librandus -0)

Many of us are too enamoured of the West, overlooking our own achievements. It took an apple to fall on Newton’s head for them to discover gravity, something which has been around since the beginning of time. Even today, there is a significantly large no. of people in the White World who believe that the earth is flat despite their own spacemen coming back with 1st hand evidence. On the other hand, our forefathers knew this fact centuries ago despite never having ventured into outer space (not including the one instance when Hanuman swallowed the Sun). (India-5, Librandus -0)

Of course, the world does acknowledge the existence of Harappa & Mohandojaro, the planned urban habitats that existed when the living condition of the westerners could be described as, at best, barbarian. But these could not survive the onslaught of nature & perished. So did a lot of our ancient knowledge, primarily because the knowledge was passed to subsequent generations orally. Most grown-ups would not remember the table of 17 or the basic trigonometric formulae, assuming they memorized these while in school. But our ancestors not only memorized large texts (Vedas & the rest) but also made the kids learn these without any writing aids. Obviously, brains which stored & processed such huge data would be capable of achieving what the modern man cannot even dream of. (India-6, Librandus -0)

We should also appreciate that Mr. Deb was speaking about the Internet (something he uses daily) & the Satellite (something he knows something about). On the other hand, there are some eminent netas who would not be able to speak even three sentences on scientific terms (like Escape Velocity) they freely use in their speeches. (Biplab Deb-3, Librandus-0)

This is a good enough score for the antinational brigade to pack up their bags & retire. I know they would not, but they can at least stop ridiculing Mr. Deb. At least he has not, unlike some of his colleagues, raped kids or shielded rapists (yet).

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