Friday, February 3, 2012

Disappearing Glaciers - Blame it on the thieves!!

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. 

This gentleman in Chile went off with a chunk of ice (suspected to be) from a glacier - all 5 tonnes of it. Unfortunately, for him too, he was caught. He planned to sell designer ice cubes to bars! (Read the full story at

So, its not just the melting icecaps due to global warming that is an are of concern. Human activities, that do not directly cause emissions (read warming), are also to be blamed...

This makes it a serious business. As long as climate change was a result of changing lifestyles  owing to economic development & technological improvement, we could sit back & shrug our shoulders. Who would want to switch off the air conditioner simply because the sea levels were rising? But now there is another probable reason - people carrying off the ice for commercial gains. Who is to stop this new species of thieves from graduating to stealing rainforests or even the earth underneath our own houses?

The time has come for all concerned to come together & form advocacy groups for preservation of the polar ice caps on the lines of PETA ( Something like People for Icebergs & Glaciers (PIGs) or People Against Global warming & Legal Apathy (PAGLA).

Where do you (the concerned but powerless, isolated individual) come in? Here's how you can contribute:

* Next time you come across designer ice cubes, pls make sure they are from man-made ice.
* Or, you may take your own stock of ice cubes when you hit the bar.
* Spread the word around.
* Come up with your own suggestions & share...

Else, the poor polar bear may not be left with even this small perch!!

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