Monday, February 13, 2012

God's Own Country... The other versions I came across

Well, Social Anarchist, Kerela has a lot more to offer than just bandhs & posters depicting Lenin, Marx & Engels.

One of the most common sights, at least along the western coastal belt, is that of Chinese fishing nets. These are found everywhere - backwaters, rivers & the coast.

Traveling through the Kottayam countryside offers a different view altogether. No backwaters, sea or the chinese nets. What you see  is hills, green hills, beautiful hills... I suggest, keep the camera/mobile aside & just let your eyes feast the surroundings.

What is this? I do not know. The road was too narrow for the car to stop & let me have a good photo. Nor could I stop & walk back for the same as there was decent traffic on the road & I had an appointment to keep. I hope some mallu bhai enlightens me.

This one, I know. Its the Kochi skyline.

The setting sun creates its won magic in the evenings across Kerela (at least the stretch I traveled across)...

There is more to Kerela than just natural beauty. Visakh suggested I try out a particular dish. Like all mallu names, I do not know what it is called, something like parimeen or so... I did, the version cooked wrapped in a banana leaf. All I can say is that I had my biggest meal in years!!  (The pics below are those at other outlets, though equally inviting.)

Fortunately my wife was not around, else she would definitely make me a well-rounded person (no pun intended) ;-)

The good part is, I would continue to visit Kerela over the next few months. As the avian knows, there is a larger world beyond the photo frame.


  1. i wish we get some good orders from kerala too Sir. The Pics are too good. never knew you were good at handling the lens

  2. Same here, that would give us more opportunities to visit Kerela!

    For the pics, the credit may pls be given to HTC Desire HD (0n my way back, as I was meddling with the phone, I realised the camera had more features than the Camera360 app!!) & the natural beauty of the land.

  3. Yup it will be a great thing if it happens. We have all our competitors fighting there to grab some orders. Lets hope we get victorious. On a lighter note i feel you are really enjoying the idli, dosa vada along with sambhar when served in the banana leaf over there...:P


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