Friday, July 15, 2016

Winning Kashmir Peacefully

Well, it’s a war out there & a bloody one at that. All our efforts to find a lasting resolution have not succeeded till now & I think we should listen to Sun Tzu. Of course, he is Chinese but his doctrine is the only Chinese product of lasting quality. The following two of his dictum definitely make sense in the case of Kashmir:
  • There is no instance of a country having benefited from a prolonged warfare. (Ch. II – Waging War)
  • The skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field. (Ch. III – Attack by Stratagem)

I suggest a three phase strategy to win Kashmir once & for all without shedding any blood along with measures to achieve these objectives. The three phases are:
  1. Neutralize the leaders & the militants
  2. Divert the energy of the youth
  3. Consolidate the wins


The first step should be sending Arvind Kejriwal to the scene. He is the miracleman who got practically the entire city state, where no two motorists agree with each other, to vote for him. He also has the audacity to take on anyone, he has spared very few politicians or businessmen. Send him to the valley & he will raise enough muck to defile the heroes of terror. He can push those gun wielding kids into a credibility crisis that no amount of social media heroics can see them through. AK is adept at Twitter warfare too, which is a big help. All he needs is loads of cough syrup to endure the Kashmiri winter.

He has a dossier on everyone plus he knows the law. Put Dr. Subramanian Swamy alongside AK & the two will tango like no one else before. The separatist leaders would be too entangled in the legal maze to be of use to their Paki handlers. Once they are deprived the easy money, this secessionism business will no longer make sense for them. But knowing Dr. Swamy, the established political leaders too run the risk of becoming victims. But we already have AK to fill any political vacuum.


Why did no one think of this before? The valley should be flooded with cheap Gutkha, for the youngsters there need a past time better than picking up a gun. Gutkha has multiple uses. With Gutkha in their mouths, there will be no one shouting slogans in the rallies, thus demoralizing the leaders. Imagine you are firing back at the army or fleeing an army ambush & you get this urge to have a gutkha. You just can’t do both at the same time. The urge for gutkha is strong enough to make them put down their guns, hopefully forever. Even the more peaceful ones who only stone pelt the cops, would stop once they near a gutkha shop. Gutkha is surely the messenger of peace that needs to be sent to the valley. Moreover, the ladies who have been providing them a cover will be too disgusted by the gutkha stains all over the place to sympathise with the rebellious ones. Which would wipe out (or should it be, gutkha smear?)  almost 50% of support base. I agree that Gutkha is injurious to health, but far less than guns & bombs.

As an atheist I don’t believe in god. But if there has to be one, it can be no other than Rajinikanth. Why are we holding him back? The government should make Rajini movies tax free in the valley (all over the country too, if you ask me) & make them compulsory viewing at schools. The only people Kashmiris can look upon as heroes today are those that take the gun. Show them a Rajini starrer, and they will realize that Burhan Vanis of the world are only comic strip class. Rajini posters would replace azaadi banners. Maybe the Kashmiri youth will be inspired enough to take on the baddies of this world, beginning from their neighbourhood. So, why not begin with Kabali? AK is sure to tweet a very favourable review.


Poonam Pandey always makes a promise to Team India if it wins the World Cup, but the men in blue never do. We should ask Ms. Pandey to make a similar promise to the militants who surrender. Will this work? Well, these young guys are ready to surrender their lives for a promise of 72 virgins, where no further details (of the virgins) are provided. So I think they will definitely put down their arms for a Poonam Pandey show (there’s no pun here, pls). And the selfies of these surrendered militants with Ms. Pandey should inspire the others to do so too. After all, no one has yet seen those 72 virgins.

Once brought back into the fold, we need to reform & prepare the former militants for a normal life. They will need plenty of peace & dollops of spiritualism to undo the hard work put in by our western neighbours. Who better than Ravi Shankar with his Art of Living course? He may be too busy managing his global empire & would not be comfortable in sending his lieutenants to a war zone. But remember, we will have AK on the field who will be all too willing to do all the groundwork for a spiritual show by our godman for all seasons. And I am sure, like all godmen of his stature even Ravi Shankar will have enough influence in the Paki establishment for his shows to be disturbed by fireworks.

On the face of it, the above looks very doable, the only flaw being necessity of having Arvind Kejriwal on the field. He is too busy now governing Delhi & confronting Modi. But with his wife joining AAP, maybe AK will be able to spare some time for Kashmir. Or will have to wait till elections in Punjab & Goa are over.

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  1. Super.
    AK then will no longer stand for Azaad Kashmir..

    1. Yes, he will get to be the CM of J&K! :p

  2. You should mention one more....your blog post should be read by all the Kashmiris..they would then start believing that there is more laughter in the world....which would help them in shedding the gun powder and taste the fun powder

    1. Thanks! I think Govinda/David Dhawam movies would be a better bet!!

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