Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Behind the Curtain

I escaped civilisation
To seek communion
With the reclusive mountain.

The leaves rustled
And the branches swayed
As the trees danced
To keep in step
With the gentle breeze
Playing a merry tune.
The melody soon
Floated over the horizon
Submerging all around.
The sun, mild for once,
Caressed the earth
Setting alight its blushes.
The cloud descended
To hug the mountain
Like parted lovers
Together again.
The playful waves
Were frolicking
And raced ahead,
Jumping over
The objecting rocks
Slowing down
Only at the foot.
Where I stood.

I traced the rivulet
Back to the top.

The burdened cloud had
To seek solace
With the mountain.
And its tears flowed
Down in a stream
Trying to wash away
The pain within.
The sun tried its best
To bring cheer
To its soulmates below.
The wind sang
On the harp of sunbeams
To keep beat
With the fleeing waves.

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