Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hide & Seek

The first ray of light
Finally broke free
And found
The fleeing darkness
Hiding beneath the tree,
Seeking safety
Within the shadow lines
Crafted by the leaves above.

Emboldened by the rising sun
Breaking through the shield
It caught up with its foe
In its shrinking sanctuary,
Following its playmates
Recalled the night before
When it lorded over its world,
But gave in to the embrace
Of the adversary.

Its shapeless faceless
Unknown past,
Now given a form
By the friendly mate
It paused to reciprocate,
Ever grateful
To its new companion
For an identity.

It joined the game
And danced to the breeze
As the light advanced
And was all around.

The light awoke.

The day soon followed
Leaving none untouched
In its all-devouring path.

The again abandoned shade,
Its brethren long gone,
Too escaped
Into oblivion.

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