Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Such a Long Journey

A star, speeding through its fall,
Across the night sky,
Looked down below. And wondered
In this sea
Of similar stars
There was none alike
Nor one near?
Lonely in the crowd
For aeons
It longed for company.
Was still alone
In its fall
Through the cloudy darkness.

A burst of fire
And it was born.
To give light. Burning bright
And brighter by the day.
Enlightening nothing.
The star was alone.
A lone star
Crashing along
Falling apart
In the maze-
The dark night sky.

All around
Those of his ilk
Of celestial families.
Loyal subjects.
Heavenly bodies. Ornaments
To bring to life,
To give light.
The star,
The lonesome star
Was silent. And still.
As the restless night,
Ablaze in its path,
Seeking glory in its fall,
Awaited an encore.

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