Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi...

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

You have come a long way. From a future PM aspirant, to a prospective PM aspirant, to a reluctant PM aspirant, to a PM aspirant in waiting, to a designated PM aspirant, and now finally a self-declared PM aspirant. It has been a long journey. More so for your party men who have been waiting for a savior from the days you were an under-aged kid. Thus, your recent coming-of-age announcement of your aspiration has been a shot in the arm for these gentlemen & they will now be able to hold their walking sticks firmly.

I am sure this will now rejuvenate the party in the same manner as your address to the Dalits when you urged them to discover their escape velocity. It made such an impression that they escaped not just Congress clutches but also that of the BSP. Little wonder BSP kept you out of the equation during the Lok Sabha by-elections in UP. But you can always blame it on nepotism, the way Bua & Bhatija monopolized the opposition space.

Going back to the days when you were not in the opposition, the principal opposition leader of the time made a series of historical blunders when he appeared to always get his history wrong. But you took the discourse several notches higher – from history to science, a subject where most netas have been on weak ground. I am waiting for the day you finally become the PM, whenever that happens, so that we would be able to make gold out of potatoes. And once again become Sone ki Chidiya.

Even your opponents are now taking you seriously. We now come across pictures of your road shows (without accompanying vehicles) or election rallies (with missing crowds). Earlier, we only got to see some memes or Pappu jokes on social media. Yes, they still call (and may be still consider) you a Pappu, but that’s because old habits die hard. Don’t take it to heart, for they have now stopped calling you Rahul Baba & there are also enough people who call you RaGa.

I specially admire the political maturity that you have acquired. The way you get involved in election campaigns. And the way you have started visiting places of worship like temples & gurudwaras. And the fact that you no longer disappear on frequent holidays, because politics in India is a 24x7x365 occupation. Maybe, you still take those holidays but keep them sufficiently low profile to escape media scrutiny. Either way, it is smart politics. Those who still call you a Pappu, would soon realise their error.

Now that you have made public your intention of being a PM aspirant, let’s hope you get the position one day. While the incumbent seems set for another term or two, there are others who too harbour such ambitions. But they (Akhilesh, Mayawati, Nitish, Mamata & the rest) still are not recognized nationally. While the ones within your party are not expected to cross swords with the family. Just ensure that Congress as a party survives till that time.

NOTA-riously yours,


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  1. Seems you let the baba go with just a rap on the knuckles.


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