Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi...

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

As a marketing professional, I sincerely admire your marketing skills. If Philip Kotler was writing his celebrated book today, I am sure, it would have been based on your exploits. But you are also a bundle of contradictions. Like Salman Khan in his movies or real life.

Let’s begin with this 36 inch chest of yours. You have given ample evidence of being in possession of one, like the surgical strikes conducted by our forces. But you also have been bursting into tears far too often. Come on, you can either be a cry baby or the macho man. Talking of surgical strikes, I have been wondering why didn’t you opt for this option at Doklam? Had you done so, even the pakis would give up attacking Indian Army bases inside Indian territory. At least you didn’t blame these paki attacks on the 60 year misrule of Congress & deserve all respect for this reason (despite not blaming the misrule of Akalis).

When you arrived on the national stage you appeared very conceited, always talking about your CM days. Of late, you have turned very humble & modest. Even at the election rallies, we have never heard you speak on your path-breaking achievement – Demonetization. At one stroke, you cleverly reduced the other political parties to pauperhood while being smart enough to help your own party preserve its riches. You very well know we supported your move by standing in queues just like our jawans do at the border posts. So why be shy of speaking on this? Specifically during these days when Mr. FM is busy arresting the fall of the Rupee & you can take sole credit for Demonetization.

You also once famously said that you are a Fakir & would just pick up your Jhola & leave. What would then happen to your collection of designer Kurtas? A humble request from my side – pls ask your bhakts not to put them up in a museum for future generations to ogle at. This would be so much like the Congress. Just like the suit monogrammed with your name, you could auction these. And raise funds to finance a film on your achievements (directed by Pahlaj Nihalani & starring Anupam Kher, perhaps).

However, you have failed miserably in one aspect – fighting corruption. No, I am not asking for my share of Rs. 15 Lakhs stashed in the Swiss banks. I am pointing to the rehabilitation of the Reddy brothers of Bellary. You thought it was as simple as Yeddy, Reddy & Go in the Karnataka elections but you jumped the gun this time. You should have retained your (and our) faith in Rahul baba. He has been your brahmastra in elections. Recall his absence in the campaign leading to your defeat in UP Lok Sabha by-elections?

All said & done, I concede that you have delivered what you promised on at least one agenda point. i.e. A Congress-mukt Bharat & reducing it to a PPP party (hopefully by next week). But your policies appear very much like those of your predecessors. Of course, they do have catchy names. As I said, you are the poor, under-qualified man’s Kotler.

I know you are a quick learner & are known to never repeat a mistake twice (e.g. 2002 & Asaram). I am sure you will be your old self again when 2019 arrives. And look forward to it (as long as you do not get Arnab Goswamy to interview you).

NOTA-riously yours,


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  1. Basically the blog demands consistency from NaMo. As someone said famously that consistency is not a virtue in politics.


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